Review: Cannabis Lube

Having already read through multiple reviews on “cannabis lube” with titles like “getting your pussy high” I was very exited when I finally got to try it out for myself and see what all the hype is about. Though CDB infused lube has already had a big impact in USA, we still haven’t experienced the boom here in Europe. My searches online only lead my overseas, so I was lucky that a representative of one of theses spiced lubes, made his way from the US to Berlin. We bumped into each other at the sex store I was working at at the time, and after sharing a passionate conversation about lube, he offered me a bottle of CDB infused lubricant. 

My curiosity held me impatient. So one day before bedtime I put a pea sized amount of the lube on my finger and inserted it vaginaly, then kicked back with a book under the covers. Would i feel anything? Or would the book perhaps simply be more interesting than the little blob of lube in my vagina?  


It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes, before it started to tingle. It’s like that first tingling sensation that creeps up before your realise that you are horny. The sensation spreaded throughout my vagina  and was followed be a feeling of total relaxation. YES- it felt like my vagina was getting high. The same kind of chilled, buzzing and relaxing vibe you get from a pot joint was happening very local in my vag. So far so good. I was really impressed that it actually worked!


Of course this was in a setting where I was totally sober and aware – at home in serene settings.  So I also needed to test it out in more horny circumstances. I turned on my favorit clit vibrator and lubed up my favorit glass dildo. For mastrubation I would say the lube worked really well as foreplay. The added sensations really warmed up my vagina and I felt like I had skipped some steps in my warm up- not that I want people to do that.. All the steps of your self arousal routine is important – but you know; more is more! So definitely lube up your insertable toys with this spiced lube!


For the lube to stand the final test, I needed to try the lube in full action. After a night of Berlin kinkyness I went home with a friend of mine. (Thank Goddess for kinky friends!) We managed to smear ourselves and a variety of toys in the enriched lube. Fingers were working their magic and liquids were mixing. Pheromones were filling the air along with sweat, champagne and cigarettes. The sensations were again, this kinda cozy warmth, but honestly there was so much else taking away the attention and the intensity of the friction was to high to feel much of a difference. Considering that this is a somewhat pricy product, I would definitely save it for play of a slower pace. Solo play or intimate massages. Play where you really take you time to feel the details, would make this lube come to its right.  


Overall I love this lube. The sensations we’re more noticeable for me solo, so I keep this bottle around for those special occasions where I wanna treat myself. The sensation is quite different from normal water based, so if you just wanna try something new, are curious or if you just wanna get your vagina or butt high – you have the blessings of this sincere Queen of lubes!

The product

CBD Sutra from Empowered Products.

Water based lube with aloe vera and CBD oil. No glycerin.


To make it clear; THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis – CBD is not. The latter only affects your body and not your mind. CBD oil can be purchased legally in Germany as a health supplement. 

Interested in knowing more about lube? Listen to my 30min quick guide on the subject!

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